[CLUG-tech] Linux backup for small businesses

agreig at protectionprojects.co.za agreig at protectionprojects.co.za
Fri Nov 22 14:36:15 SAST 2002

On 22 Nov 2002 at 8:36, Johann Spies wrote:

On Fri, Nov 22, 2002 at 07:47:23AM +0200, Mark Ter Morshuizen 
> Hi,
> I have this perpetual problem with suggesting a reasonable backup
> system for small networks (typically a linux box and 5-15 windows
> boxes - each user has a SAMBA share and an IMAP mailbox on the linux
> box) Total /home size varies on the various networks but is usually
> between 10 and 30 Gb. The problems
> are:
> Any decent tape system is prohibitively expensive.
> Removable hard drives make it necessary to shut down the box to
> change them.
> CD Writers look like a good bet but can only do incremental backups
> without running out of space.

My experience of using removable hard drives is that once the drive 
is mounted, removing and replacing works ok. I usually ls -la to 
check the new drive is read, and then backup. Only snag is box 
reboot (with removable drive inserted) is required if box shutdown / 
auto rebooted after power fail and removable drive was not inserted 
during such event.

Andrew Greig

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