[CLUG-tech] Linux backup for small businesses

Charles Oertel charles at finebushpeople.co.za
Fri Nov 22 14:28:44 SAST 2002

I had the same issue a while ago, and found some scripts that do full backups 
onto several CDs.  Eventually, I used one of them to craft my own - I wanted 
to use afio, verify that the backups were good, and put a directory listing 
of all files on each disk (e.g. disk two of five has 5 files on it, each 
giving the list of files on each of the disks:  you can take any disk, grep 
for a filename, and see which disk it is on).  

Then, I have a daily backup script that records all files modified since the 
last full backup.  When I go away for the weekend I take the full backup and 
the incremental with.

One of my clients has the same setup - and every night the incremental sends 
me a report so I can see when their incremental CD is full and I need to run 
another full backup.  The system runs so well I go there about twice a year.


Perhaps I can send them along to you?   

On Friday 22 November 2002 10:57 am, Buchan Milne wrote:
> Johann Spies wrote:
> > On Fri, Nov 22, 2002 at 07:47:23AM +0200, Mark Ter Morshuizen wrote:
> >>Hi,
> >>
> >>I have this perpetual problem with suggesting a reasonable backup
> >>system for small networks (typically a linux box and 5-15 windows
> >>boxes - each user has a SAMBA share and an IMAP mailbox on the linux
> >>box) Total /home size varies on the various networks but is usually
> >>between 10 and 30 Gb. The problems
> >>are:
> It also depends on what kind of "vulnerabilities" you are trying to
> protect against ...
> >>Any decent tape system is prohibitively expensive.
> >>
> >>Removable hard drives make it necessary to shut down the box to
> >>change them.
> >>
> >>CD Writers look like a good bet but can only do incremental backups
> >>without running out of space.
> >
> > Have a look at mondo - a debian package for backups to CD's
>                            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> I think that answer may be a bit biased ;-). Mondo is available in many
> distributions, it is in Mandrake (and has been for a long time), and
> probably Redhat contrib and SuSE? Of course the point is that (AFAIK)
> mondo builds a bootable CD (using mindi). But has anyone actually used
> it in production (besides Hugo, the developer)?
> Apparently amanda can also handle CDs, but amanda can't handle a single
> set of data that is larger than the backup media (so you have to split
> your data into disk lists).
> Mandrake also has drakbackup, which seems to be able to backup to the
> local machine, a remote machine (via rsync), to tape and to CD, but I
> haven't used this either.
> If you have a spare machine, then you can do the hard disk thing, by
> running rsync between the live server and the backup machine, and shut
> the backup machine down to change disks. Bonus is that rysnc will only
> transfer the differences between files, so updating a disk should be
> quite quick (we are currently preparing to migrate a server, and we
> update by rsync about 120GB between machines in about 20 minutes).
> Buchan

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