[CLUG-tech] Printing High Quality Graphics

Kenneth of Olympia olympia at inds.co.za
Tue Nov 19 12:08:30 SAST 2002

-should have stayed single - that way you can just go home when "you're
useless" ;-)
just kidding
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Subject: [CLUG-tech] Printing High Quality Graphics

> A few weeks ago I switched my wife from Win98 and CorelDraw to Mandrake
> and the Gimp.  Of course things are much, much more stable and wonderful.
> But, I can not get the gimp to print the photographs on our Protea Starter
> Packs (on sale in Kirstenbosch and the web) as well as Corel did.  In
> the difference is not even subtle - it is gross.
> Can anybody please point me to the right manual / software / website?  I
> using an Epson C80, Cups + Gimp Print, I have calibrated the printer
> etc etc.
> I contemplated Corel for Linux, but
> 1) it is supported by a customized version of WINE, and
> 2) I can't find a site to download it from.
> (My wife is also the worst user in the world to support - when the
> dies it is always somehow my fault ;-), and now the print quality seems to
> poor because I am useless (I'm starting to believe it too)).
> regards
> Charles Oertel
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