[CLUG-tech] Printing High Quality Graphics

Charles Oertel charles at finebushpeople.co.za
Tue Nov 19 08:23:52 SAST 2002

I was in the same boat re the Gimp.  Then I found a free electronic book 
called "Grokking the Gimp".  Made a huge difference.  It's all about layers 
and masks etc. (google for it).  Once you get the basic 
idea/metaphor/philosophy it's a grinch.

So, where CorelDraw has objects that you can manipulate, you can use layers of 
bitmaps to get the same effect.

What the book does say is that the Gimp is great for web work (RGB colour 
model), but does not have the full capabilities to do CMY work properly 
(which means I need to tweak pictures manually to get printouts to look OK I 

Part of the perceived problem is that Windows (by philosophy) just perks up 
the pictures to make them look brighter and better behind the scenes (the 
same way word decides how you should format your documents).  Ordinary users 
love that, despite the fact that they're actually out of control.

With linux, you have the control, but then you need to RTFM and find the right 
howto from the million available, and the default settings are often not 
workable.  sigh.


On Monday 18 November 2002 08:26 pm, Thomas Andrews wrote:
> Charles Oertel wrote:
> > But, I can not get the gimp to print the photographs on our Protea
> > Starter Packs (on sale in Kirstenbosch and the web) as well as Corel did.
> >  In fact, the difference is not even subtle - it is gross.
> I'm never sure of myself when it comes to the Gimp. Everyone raves about
> it, but I find it most un-intuitive and I can never figure out how to do
> the simplest things. Maybe I was just born in the year of the dork ;) I
> mean it looks awsome; it's got so many menus and stuff, maybe my problem
> is that I can't find the command-line ;)
> --Thomas

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