[CLUG-tech] Creating a boot image for RAM for a PPC on a x86.

Trevor Fraser trevor at systematic.co.za
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Thanks for the reply.

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> We are trying to port Real Time Linux onto a board with a Motorola
> mPC8240 (603e core) Kahlua CPU.  The board currently has a VxWorks boot
> loader.  We plan to keep this for emergencies.  Its on the first 256 K
> of RAM.

RAM by definition is volatile, so I'll assume you mean FLASH.

Yes, we want to try get it working on RAM, then get it going on Flash.

> Firstly, we are no experts, so if in doubt, state the obvious.
> OK, we have built the RTLinux Pro evaluation kit for PPC on a x86
> machine running Red Hat Linux7.3, no errors seem to be present (# make
> zImage 2>errors-zImage) in the errors-zImage file.  We don't find the
> zImage, what we do find is under
> /opt/rtldk-1.1/rtlinux_kernel_*/arch/ppc/boot/Image a zImage.prep,
> zImage.pmac and a few others.  Is this what we should expect?  And which
> one should we be using, we want to load a boot image via the Ethernet
> port using ftp?  We have tried to boot the vmlinux image and the
> zImage.prep we built, both times we're hit with an exception error.

1. Is your compiler an CROSS-compiler (with support for PPC) ?
   Don't asume that Make & configure adequately tests for it.

Yes, it is the FSMLab's RTLinux Pro 3.0 for PPC.

2. I'll asume that you are tesing the boot images on the mPC8240 and
   not the x86 since it obviously will not run on the x86.


3. How does that boot process work on the mPC8240, I would assume the
   bootloader to first test the integrity of the boot-image (maybe CRC)
   and then point the instruction pointer to the right location.

The VxWorks bootloader is configurable via a serial port.  We've set the 'load to' address and the 'jump to' address (being the same) and the ftp server, file to load and so on, all that seems to be working, it seems the file format isn't recognised.

> As far as we understand, our error is that we should be converting a
> zImage into a binary format so it is absolute and not relative.  Is this
> correct?  How does one do this?  Please advise.  Thanks in advance.

Yes yes yes, this sounds correct I think you want to look at Binutils.
Ok I haven't done anything this complex myself yet, I was more into
using GCC for AVR. Basically I think you have to convert the ELF binary
output to either Motorola S-Record or Intel Hex.

OK, good, this is our first confirmation.  Any ideas on were to get info/docs on this converting?  Thanks again for the input.

> Regards, Trevor Fraser.

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