[CLUG-tech] Roaming profiles on WinXP SP1 and samba....

Price,Neil Neil.Price at arcusgibb.co.za
Fri Nov 15 14:55:31 SAST 2002

Most likely problem is rights to the profile directory and share. Also check
under My computer->properties->profiles and see if the profile is local or
roaming. If roaming, check the event log after logout and login.

I assume you are running domain security and the samba server is a pdc?

After 4 years of tearing our hair out with roaming profiles in an NT/2000
environment, we decided to trash them, and life definitely improved.

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> Subject: [CLUG-tech] Roaming profiles on WinXP SP1 and samba....
> Hi Everyone,
> I have read as much as I can find about this subject and still am no
> closer to understanding why my roaming profiles are not working
> correctly.
> I have an existing Samba server with RP working. Now I need 
> to move this
> to new server due to HW failure on original server.
> Configs almost identical. Profiles now reside on a different 
> partition,
> but I' ve told samba where to find them.
> User logs on, and it all look hunky, till they try to change any
> settings in their start bar, retrieve their mail with their original
> email setting, etc. Then nothing works. e.g. I change their desktop to
> reflect the winXP look/feel. When I log out, it returns to 
> the original
> setup.
> Can anybody point me to additional resources or give the 123 on how
> these profiles things are supposed to work.
> Cheers in advance.
> Hamish
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