[CLUG-tech] ext3

Thomas Andrews tandrews at mindspring.co.za
Thu Nov 14 16:31:55 SAST 2002

Mike Morris wrote:

> Something that springs to mind from many, many years ago: "don't put 
> your root FS on a journalled FS".
> I've always taken it as gospel, since it came from an 
> eminently-qualified source, but can anyone justify/invalidate this 
> statement?

Well all you need is support for ext3 in the kernel, or alternatively 
support for it in a module which is available in a ram disk image (aka 
initrd) which you load at boot time. If that process fails you just 
bring it up as ext2. That's the main reason for me why ext3 is nice: 
ext2 compatibility.


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