[CLUG-tech] Debian network config

Jason Armstrong ja at riverdrums.com
Wed Nov 13 20:09:50 SAST 2002

[ Mark Ter Morshuizen: Nov 13 17:20 ]

>So I decided to go and edit /etc/modules.conf to load the module only
>to find "Please do not edit this file directly..." as one of the first
>lines there.

You should edit the files in /etc/modutils/, and run update-modules

>for it and found some interesting stuff in /etc/network. The "interfaces"
>file contains all the information required to configure eth0. How come the
>interface is not started automatically and how do I change the situation?

There should be an 'auto' line in the file. Simply append eth0 to it:

auto lo eth0

Then add the entry for eth0:

iface eth0 inet static

Add your other options (network, broadcast, netmask) if necessary.


Jason Armstrong

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