[CLUG-tech] Interesting X11 problem!

John Greyvenstein john at databuild.co.za
Wed Nov 13 08:25:14 SAST 2002

Im using an ASUS p4 board with onboard intel 845/gl graphics adaptor

When i run X in 1024x768 my monitor (samsung syncmaster) gives me an out of sync error, it works 100% when i run 800x600, as soon as i bump it up to 1024 it goes out of sync.Here`s the interesting part is it works sometimes.I can reboot then it will work no problem like a dream i reboot or restart X and it dies. Its very on and off somtimes i can get it to work 3-4 times rebooting other times it wont work after 3-4 boot, its really off pi(*&#ng .

I have pretty much tried everything, i have tried drake9.0 deadrat 8.0 they all do exactly the same thing ? i have tried just the vesa driver no luck.I even swapped out the m/b and its doign the same thing ? If anyone has any idea`s please let me know

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