[CLUG-tech] Developing for Gnome /kde

Louis Cordier lcordier at dsp.sun.ac.za
Tue Nov 12 21:59:32 SAST 2002

> This often starts a holy war, so you should avoid asking it it ;)

:) That is what I would call an Basic Truth.

As Bongani pointed out it is not a question of Window/Session/Desktop
Manager but rather a Wiget Set.

Qt              http://www.trolltech.com/
GTK/GTK+        http://www.gtk.org/
WxWindows       http://www.wxwindows.org/
FLTK            http://www.fltk.org/

Most of these have already got support for embedded devices.
So your application might even run on a PDA or cellphone.

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