Thomas Andrews tandrews at mindspring.co.za
Sun Nov 10 08:19:28 SAST 2002

There's (at least one) internet mapping project. I think they use 
traceroute monthly and create big tarballs that you can download. I 
suppose it depends on what exactly you plan on doing with the data...
http://research.lumeta.com/ches/map/ has some pretty pictures and links 
to the data...

Daniel Avinir wrote:
> does anyone know where i can find an updated IP INDEX with all the ip's in
> the world and their corresponding countries,orgranisations etc.
> I would also like to know which blocks of ip's are used for dial-ups in
> south africa as well as Cable users etc..
> i found a great site: http://www.flumps.org/ip/
> the only problem is it's 2/3/4 years old in some blocks.
> Thank you for your help..

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