[CLUG-tech] LPI Exams

Allen Van Der Ross allen at ct.spi.co.za
Thu Nov 7 09:55:55 SAST 2002

On Wed, 2002-11-06 at 17:47, Thomas Andrews wrote:
> Rothman, Sebastiaan (ING MMS) wrote:
> > What do you all think about LPI examinations? Worth it, or just a waste 
> > of money?
> Well I suppose that if nobody is interested to see it, then it might be 
> considered a waste of money. If you have it on your CV, then whoever 
> reads it may not know what it means if they haven't done the exams 
> themselves (which is quite likely), so YMMV.
> I have written 2 LPI exams, and the RHCE, but not the SAIR/GNU exams. 
> Personally I think the RHCE is the best because its a practical exam so 
> there's not much scope for con-artists.

What is the difference between SAIR/GNU and the rest?


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