[CLUG-tech] Which ISP is best?

Leonardes Scheepers ScheepersL at ael.co.za
Thu Nov 7 08:52:17 SAST 2002

The 0860007249 number is that of World online/Global internet access.

I helped a user with his home pc last week and the at is where I saw the number.

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I was with Iafrica/Mweb for many years but, when Mweb wanted to charge me
business rates (+R300pm) just because I have a registered domain & wanted
the maildrop facility, I said cheers!

I've been with Kingsley since Feb this year. R109pm incl. free maildrop (ie
*@geograph.co.za all goes into my kingsley mailbox).

I know there's cheaper available, but I am not sure of the service quality.

With Kingsley I dial the same 0860007249 number that a billion other virtual
ISPs use (is it the IS backbone??) and, when I was in Bellville I used to
regularly get connection at 50K and now, in Kirstenhof, I get only 44k -
that tells me it's a Telkom issue.

Never the less my download speeds are regularly above 4.3KB/s - even often
above 5.7-6KB/s - slower during the evenings, though, but I dont logon much
during the evenings.

I'd be curious of other peoples experiences.


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Subject: [CLUG-tech] Which ISP is best?

> Hi all
> I wonder if their are any suggestions as which ISP to subscribe to.
> ABSA has finally crawled to a halt, no useful bandwidth is left to use
> during the day
> Telkom is also busy but has local POP allover the country.
> Mweb is large and busy becoming slow during the day.
> I am not yet ready for ISDN but would like a "less popular" ISP is such a
> thing exists
> Neil


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