[CLUG-tech] pci scsi card

Zoltan Szecsei zoltans at geograph.co.za
Wed Nov 6 08:05:40 SAST 2002

I seem to remember that even RH7.3 picked up my HP Scanjet IIc on the
Adaptec 2940 card automatically.
I never tried to use it though.

Maybe you'll find that the Kouwell is pretty compatable with Adaptecs.


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> HI
> I was recently given a 50 pin hp c1533 scsi dat drive. I now need to get a
> pci scsi card for it, rectron have a kouwell card but i cant find any info
> on the net about the card except the website says it supports Unix. Are
> cards like these plug and pray or will i have to manually loading modules
> and getting kernel patches etc? basically what does it take to install
> cards?
> Thanks and Regards
> J-P Human
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