[CLUG-tech] Modem answering software

Louis Cordier lcordier at dsp.sun.ac.za
Mon Nov 4 14:27:26 SAST 2002

> Answer the call after x number of rings,
> Listen and decide whether the incoming call is:
> voice: - play an outgoing message & record an incoming message to HD

Main question here is, can you do that with a modem ? Don't you
like need a voice-board. For example, DiaLogic. (now owned by Intel)


Prolly do a setup like:
[telkom]->[voice board]->[modem]->[optional telephone]

> fax - receive a fax
> ftp request - log in to an ftp service on my box
> telnet - supply a telnet login

I think hylafax + getty is the way for these three...


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