[CLUG-tech] Xserver bombs out with RH8

Zoltan Szecsei zoltans at geograph.co.za
Mon Nov 4 11:15:31 SAST 2002

Hi Guys,
Ever since I upgraded (re-installed, actually) RH8 (was RH7.3), my Xvision
(remember SCO?) Xserver running in Win2K drops out every hour or so.
Actually, it's the gnome-terminals that disappear and the child graphics
window stays, as does the xvision service. The original telnet terminal also
remains active.
I'm not sure, but it seems to coincide with the updatedb daemon that runs
every hour in RH8 - this hogs resources (ide light permanently on for some
7-10 minutes, memory & swap space 100% utilised).
Then everything settles down - linux remains stable but I have to restart my
X sessions from Win2K.
I've tried altering the various time-outs available in
Xvision (I set them to "zero" hoping for "no time-out") but to no avail.

Note also the "RENDER missing" message I get since using RH8 (dont remember
noticing it in RH7.3 & backwards) - could this be causing things to go into
a spin?
BTW: I'm just editing a script in vim, so there is virtually no other
activity going on.


Red Hat Linux release 8.0 (Psyche)
Kernel 2.4.18-14 on an i686
login: zls
Last login: Fri Nov  1 11:07:28 from zolpc.geograph.co.za
[zls at gl0 zls]$ Xlib:  extension "RENDER" missing on display


Anyone got any ideas as to where I should be tweaking this?

Also, I don't ever remember daemons hogging resources on RH7.3 & backwards -
could it be that I used to leave Linux running 24/7 and now that I shut it
down every night, these "intensive" daemons are running when I working too?

Not sure whether Xvision is causing the system to go into a spin, or whether
the system is in a spin and bombing out Xvision.

Also - I haven't changed anything from the default cron stuff that was set
up when I installed RH8.

some thoughts pleeeeze...


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