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Andre Truter andre.truter at intekom.co.za
Sun Nov 3 22:17:14 SAST 2002

On Sun, 2002-11-03 at 19:33, Shaun Lindbergh wrote:
> What off the shelf anti-virus software is available for a Linux OS? 
> Thinking of going for the new Xandros Desktop - looks very impressive.
Do you mean anti-virus software for a file or mail server or for a
desktop, like a Windows machine?
As far as I know Xandros is a desktop-type distro, not really geared for
server type jobs.

So, if you mean Anti-virus for a Linux desktop, then you don't need it.
Linux in itself is anti-virus.
There are a few case-study virii available, but you need to willfully
execute it on your machine as root do get any affect.
A few worms have popped up, but they were aimed at specific versions of
web and ftp servers that had known vulnerabilities.
You have to have the correct version of the software installed on your
server, with the appropriate ports open for the worm to affect your
machine, and then it is only doing limited damage.

The anti-virus software that I know of for Linux platforms is meant for
mail and file servers that have Windows clients that access the mail and
files.  The anti-virus software is to prevent a virus from getting to
the Windows box.  The virus has no effect on the Linux server.

I am not a specialist on virii, etc, so if I am wrong here, please correct me. 

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