[clug-noise] Fwd: Sun Fire X4150 firmware and ILOM upgrades

Roland Giesler roland at giesler.za.net
Fri Oct 18 10:08:14 SAST 2013

I have a server that is not accessible as far as the Remote Redirection is
concerned for the simple reason that Java 7.45 doesn't accept the
certificate anymore.

Before people say: "Use an older version of Java or OpenJDK" let me just
say that there are other services that I use that need either newer Java
versions and that OpenJDK simply doesn't not open the .jnlp properly.  Even
with the -verbose setting, the process just hangs.

Regardless, I think I'm just postponing the problem, which seems to be that
the ILOM version is relatively old, so to save myself a lot of trouble
later, I would like to get hold of the upgrade images and move to version 3
which is available from Oracle.

 Sun Fire X4150

*ILOM r67788
BIOS vers. 1ADQW068*

*Server 3.5 download*<https://support.oracle.com/epmos/faces/ui/patch/PatchDetail.jspx?patchId=13333446>
I have tried to convince Oracle that to let me have to upgrades, but they
refuse since the server is not under maintenance contract.  I did indicate
that this amounts to extortion, but it doesn't phase them.  They changed
Java and broke the system.  That also doesn't bother them.
(We had the option to transfer our Sun Dealer status to become an Oracle
hardware partner, but the whole deal didn't work for us, so we left it.
 But of course, we still have the Sun hardware to support out these that be
previously sold.)

So I'd like to know if there is someone here that had access to the
downloads from Oracle that could pull them for me please.  If there are
costs involved, we are prepared to cover those, but hopefuily they won't be
the same as a service contract with Oracle!

Please contact me directly if you can help.



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