[clug-noise] "???soft" support call about my infected PC

Hendrik Visage hvjunk at gmail.com
Tue Aug 27 12:59:51 SAST 2013

Okay, no jokes, but I actually do have a windows instances or three my kids
abuse for games, but I had MacOSX running so I gave her all sorts of vague
strange answers to her queries... however:

This Indian lady insisted I press the Ctrl-Windows-R key combination... on
my Windows 7 32bit VMWare as well as  straight on hardware 64bit instances,
I don't see anything happening, what is it suppose to do? and which version
of Windows are they targeting if it's not Win7?

(Or is my Apple Keyboards' cmd key not enough windows compatible for this
combination? :D :D )

Yours needing to become more WIndows literate

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