[clug-noise] OT

Neil Price nprice at gibb.co.za
Sat Aug 11 15:18:41 SAST 2007

Jonathan Carter wrote:
>> It then demands you put the driver disk in DRIVE A:. No other options.
> What if you put it on a CD and mount the CD-ROM drive as Drive A?
Windows hasn't actually booted at that stage there is no way to mount 
anything. It reads the driver twice, once at a pre-boot stage so it can 
format the disks, and again later when windows installs. You can make a 
flash disk look like drive A for the first stage but not the second (it 
no longer sees it). There's no shell access. Very frustrating. I tore my 
beard out (not much left on my head).

I used a good looking utility called nLite that allows preloading of 
drivers and security patches. It appeared to work but 6 hours later 
produced a version of Windows that was unable to find (M)AD. rebooting 
into AD recovery mode produced a nice shade of blue.

I've just been battling with a M Sexchange problem where if the first MX 
for a site is down, refuses to use the 2nd and fails the mail with 
misleading errors logs. I had that problem with MS SMTP service in 
Windows NT in 1997! I thought they would have fixed it by now.

OTOH I was cursing exchange yesterday when all mail failed. After hours 
of debugging turned out Hetzner had inexplicably stuffed up the DNS 
entries. They were very prompt to fix but  I wasted a lot of time 
assuming MS was the problem. It always is, right? And I was supposed to 
be on leave.

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