[CLUG-chat] ADSL2+ router

Hendrik Visage hvjunk at gmail.com
Mon Feb 21 23:00:52 SAST 2011

Hi there,

 I'm in need of a cheapish ADSL2+ gateway/router/bridge, with some (if not
all) the wish list specifications :)

- Multiple accounts (house sharing, and I have the uncapped for my
downloads, and he needs a shaped one for his remote access to his PC while
on the road)
-- Failing that, at least some form of PPPoE bridging together with a PPPoE

- decent traffic shaping (ie. kill bittorrents while hamachia/RDP is

- WiFi

- uPnP/port redirection

- Would *LOVE* to have a Linux/OpenWRT type setup running on it.

Else, I've considered the most el-cheapo ADSL2+ router and put it in bridge
mode, and then hang off some linksys/dlink WiFi AP with OpenWRT or similar
from it for me and the house mate.

Any other advise/options?

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