[CLUG-chat] mythbuntu CDs

Martin Potgieter martin at systemadmin.co.za
Tue Aug 25 09:33:26 SAST 2009

On 25 Aug 2009, at 8:35 AM, Zoltan Szecsei wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> [Please in future don't top-post (I've re-arranged your reply), and  
> reply to the list instead of directly to the respondent, so that  
> everyone on the list can benefit from the discussion.]
Thanks Zolton, I specifically didn't worry about top posting because  
the email was directed to you personally. I didn't think that whether  
you had the 32bit or 64bit version would interest the others on the  
list, especially with the complaints of "noise" on the list.

> Mine is the 32 bit version.
> Not that I have thought about it, but why would an app like  
> Mythbuntu benefit from the extra address space?
I am using core 2 duo processors with 4 gigs of memory so thought I  
might benefit from the 64 bit  version. I have also read that the 64  
bit version does not pose any problems.

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