[CLUG-chat] Changing CLUG meeting/talk formats/topics

Deon deon1 at propellerheads.co.za
Wed Aug 19 21:05:04 SAST 2009

> - Workshops:  Having a single topic for a meeting means that we can't
> cover all the things people want to hear about.  For this reason,
> every now and then, we will hold general "workshops".  We'll get
> together somewhere with internet, coffee, and space. People can bring
> their machines along, and if you've been having a problem, we'll try
> sort it out.  If somebody wants to give an impromptu talk, and others
> want to listen to it, that can happen.  If you want help installing
> Linux, we can do that.  I envision these being fairly decentralised
> events, where everybody just mingles and takes advantage of the wealth
> of knowledge and experience that everybody else brings to the
> workshop.  Do you have any ideas about good venues for these?  Do you
> think we can do something else to improve them?  Would you attend such
> a thing?

One thing that I think would be great, is writing some HowTo's for some

mythtv (mine is running for about 3 years now :) )
apache with failover drdb-heartbeat
anythin you can think of

Now before I get flamed to pieces, I know there are 100's of HowTo's on
the we. But in the words of Jeff Atwood: "Don't Reinvent The Wheel,
Unless You Plan on Learning More About Wheels"

It is one thing following a howto, but it is another understanding why
some took a certain route. What whould you do different on an existing

Any thought?


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