[CLUG-chat] Buying a laptop

Mogamat Abrahams lists at tabits.co.za
Tue Aug 18 10:12:25 SAST 2009

Liam Smit wrote:

> No offence intended but that is just complete nonsense. E.g. Dell and
> several other hardware vendors will sell you certain hardware models
> with Linux pre-installed. It should be obvious that it is quite within
> their power to put whatever OS on the hardware that they choose to.
> Try buying server hardware and suddenly you can buy hardware from the
> very same vendor with a choice of Linux / Unix / Windows...
I do understand your point, but please view my comments in light of what 
Mark originally said something around talking to local distributers etc.
Aside from Dell, no distributors installs an os in ZA AFAIK. When you 
buy a server you buy a frame and some components, then its assembled 
here, hence you can choose which os you want.
The laptop comes in a sealed box, which is sold to you sealed in most 
> More like buying a car and doing the registration, road worthy,
> licensing yourself than paying the dealer to do it for you...
Ahh but you still having to license it no? I know some people that haven't bought a car license ever?! 

> Why pay for something you neither want nor need. While I'm sure MS
> won't mind you paying for their product and not actually using it, it
> makes not sense for the person handing over their hard earned money.
I dont like paying for it any more than I like paying for plastics bags, 
rates, vat - I am only suggesting one solution, but there may be others 
and I am not opposed to them.


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