[CLUG-chat] Buying a laptop

Mogamat Abrahams lists at tabits.co.za
Tue Aug 18 09:55:03 SAST 2009

Mark Widdicombe wrote:
> That's part of the point.  The OEM is just as powerless as the 
> distributor because MS has them in a catch-22 position: in order to 
> get their bulk OEM discount on MS products, they must agree not to 
> offer anything else.  To break that agreement would be committing 
> commercial suicide, so they don't and the only loser is the consumer.
I do get your point, but is that consumer segment significant enough to 
warrant a response/Solution/Threat?
> This car analogy is really old, and doesn't apply to the situation.  
> Would you not complain if there were several manufacturers of car 
> tyres, but every car manufacturer was only allowed to fit the most 
> expensive ones, which are also the lowest quality and have to be 
> reinflated three times a day?
Ok, Try to buy a golf GTI with Goodyear tyres and see where that gets 
you :-)
> No.  I refuse to pay for a product I neither want nor need.  That's 
> extortion.  (And also the reason I refuse to buy a TV licence, and 
> will set the dogs on any arsehole who wants to inspect same.)
There are more creative ways to "get your own back" so to speak, I wont 
go into it here. Just as there are various ways to avoid TV license, 
traffic fines, taxes, authority, oppression - but is one willing to deal 
with the consequences?


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