[CLUG-chat] Buying a laptop

Mogamat Abrahams lists at tabits.co.za
Mon Aug 17 20:45:37 SAST 2009

Mark Widdicombe wrote
> Yes, they do have one or two machines available with linux 
> preinstalled, but not the specification I want.  The point is that 
> hardware and software should not be bundled.
The distributor is really powerless on this one. They move cardboard 
boxes, so one can understand their point about it being pre-installed.
> A particular hardware configuration can run a variety of software and 
> a particular OS can run on a variety of hardware, in other words they 
> are separate products from different manufacturers and should be sold 
> separately.
Would you buy/sell a car without tyres? I do understand the cause 
though, the choice should be there for users who require it, but take 
into account the economies of scale needed to justify this.
If you dont agree with the eula, dont accept it, format the thing and 
consider the os as part of the cost of the hardware. Its only a few 
hundred bucks and by the time it reaches you, MS have already spent the 
money :-)
But aluta continua, may those who are struggling for the cause be 
granted success!


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