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On Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 1:31 PM, Mark Widdicombe
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> Hi all,
> This thread petered out a while ago.  I am now in the market for a new
> laptop, so would like to know if anything came of Dirk's plan to bring the
> heinous state of affairs vis-a-vis Windows to the attention of the
> Competition Commission?  If they have, I should imagine the wheels grind
> slowly, and by the time they outlaw the practice of bundling software we'll
> be reformatting the hard drives on our inter-galactic star cruisers and
> installing Ubuntu 2525.04 thereon.  I have written to Dell, HP and Sahara
> and none of them respond at all--presumably because they don't want to
> provide written ammunition to anyone who would mount any sort of legal
> challenge to the practice.
> Ciao,
> Mark

Hi Mark

Yes, you summed it up pretty good. The wheels are in motion. The last
communication that I had with the Comp Comm guy was about a month or so ago
and he confirmed that they are proceeding, but the legal matters would take

In terms of buying a laptop, there does not seem to be much chance of buying
one without MS, at least not any decent one. I also tried high and low, but
nothing.  The only one that I could find was a Dell Vostro with a bigger
pricetag than most for the privelage of not paying MS.

Personally I bit the bullet and supported the practice by buying a Dell
Studio. Kalahari.net had the best price. Their version only had Vista Home
included where most other you had to buy Vista Pro or something.

One very interesting thing that came out in my investigation is the MS
licence terms. When starting up for the first time, you are asked to accept
the license terms, this is a farce. MS say that it has already been accepted
on you behalf when installed and by buying it, you have no choice in the
matter any more.

The more people that make a noise about this the better, so even though your
chances of success in the matter is slim, it might help in making people
aware that there are actually a market out there.  And if you get any luck
or news on the matter, please let us know!

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