[CLUG-chat] Buying a laptop

Mark Widdicombe markwiddicombe at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 14:25:36 SAST 2009

2009/8/17 Mogamat Abrahams <lists at tabits.co.za>

> Sahara and none of them respond at all--presumably because they don't want
>> to provide written ammunition to anyone who would mount any sort of legal
>> challenge to the practice.
> Sahara sell some laptops with Linux on it, as do Esquire - I think they
> were benq Joybooks, both were dual core machines.
> Yes, they do have one or two machines available with linux preinstalled,
but not the specification I want.  The point is that hardware and software
should not be bundled.  A particular hardware configuration can run a
variety of software and a particular OS can run on a variety of hardware, in
other words they are separate products from different manufacturers and
should be sold separately.
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