[CLUG-chat] Upcoming CLUG Talk: What can CLUG do for you?

Henri Laurie henri.laurie at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 17:09:03 SAST 2009

If its not too twee, I prefer wine to beer ;)

Never been to winefest, though ...

Seriously: perhaps CLUG could start its own small FOSS project?

Here's mine: I think there is room for robust, platform-agnostic
software to support conference organising. I am involved in organising
a small academic conference, we (actually, mostly Luc de Decker) are
adapating the code base of FOSS-2008 from Chennai. Most of the
difficulty is that our conference is a lot smaller and that they used
some bleeding edge Django that didn't make it into stable. Also their
documentation wasn't. Visit http://conf2009.afsocbio.com/web/ and
you'll see just how basic it all is over here!

But we do have  a functioning site: we *can* administer
self-registering users who can manage their own talks. We *will* be
able to put on the schedule and modify it pretty efficiently, and (in
principle but not in practice, thanks to SA exchange regulations) we
could manage some of the participant payments.

It was quite painful to get this far. It would be very nice to package
it all neatly, designed in such a way that non-coders and coders could
participate cleanly in designing a conference, and that the whole
stack (in this case Linux-Apache-postgresql-python/django) is almost
entirely trouble-free. I.e. the coders do only the python stuff, and
the non-coders just do content, and there's an initialisation front
end that is easy to use.

This hides quite a lot of database, security and efficiency issues.
The Chennai code licence is BSD---my preference would be for
gpl-compatible in general.

Just a thought---I'd imagine others would also have their own small
FOSS project that they want CLUG to foster ...


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