[CLUG-chat] Upcoming CLUG Talk: What can CLUG do for you?

Brent Clark brentgclarklist at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 16:27:06 SAST 2009

William Walter Kinghorn wrote:
> Hi All,
> Personally, I liked the one and only Install fest that I attended here in Durban a few years back, I was a helper not a Newbie, but I want something more, like my email that I sent with 2 attachements, unfortunatly it has to be moderated before being sent, as it is bigger that 40k
> An install fest is where you bring your own PC/Laptop or whatever, and be helped installing your preferred Distro on it and hand out CDs and phamplets, That is if you or we have the right install CDs/DVDs, and also if we have a person who can help you with the preferred Distro. Beer is not a requirement, but some people seem to require it. After the fest some of the helpers sometimes go some ware for food and drinks.
> The CDs that are given are generally Linux related, but can be OSS apps that run on MS Windows ( Some people don't want to run Linux, but want OSS apps )
> William

Are we not digressing / moving away from the original thread with its 
intent and meaning.

The whole thing was to get the numbers of attendances up.

Its nice that people want install fests etc, but as I said the point and 
intent is missed.

On a side note.  A few years ago, there was SLUG, and I remember there 
loads of committed helpers and TSF staff. But when the TSF, moved on and 
stop doing school installs and install fests it all stopped. That 
momentum died. WE / CLUG need to look for something thats more long term 
and can maintain an interest. Install fests were nice, and it was nice 
to help people years ago, but now, I think it will not be as effective, 
as Im sure most will only really pick one distro and thats Ubuntu. And 
Ubuntu really holds peoples hands right to  the end, so really it is 
idiot proof.

Anyway heres my suggestion / thought. I dont attend these, but my 
brothers friends do. Apparently once a month someone organises a LAN, 
think its at the milnerton sports grounds. Theres quite a few people 
that go. So how about something similar. If the person has Linux, then a 
LAN with games that run on Linux (I suppose wine games count. Anyone for 
Starcraft). But suggestions and jokes aside. I think most out there dont 
really care about things like LDAP, or heartbeat with haproxy as a 
loadbalancer. Its only the uber geek or career orientated geek thats 
interested, while the others, their interest is games or hacking (how 
about a hack fest). Which may show and lead others to the topics that 
get discussed on CLUG.

My 2c, since its Friday.


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