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Dirk Lucas dirk.lucas at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 11:29:53 SAST 2009


This type of condacending response from you is exactly what I am reffering
to. It might be incomprehensible to you that anybody can struggle with
playing DVD's for the first time on Ubuntu. This is not due to a lack of
intelligence, but due to a lack of knowledge and experience. In the circles
that I am in, most people have only heard about Linux in the passing by.
That does not make them stupid or ignorant, just uninformed.

You also make the assumption that I was given the answer reffered to and
that I asked the question on how to play DVD's. That is not what I said or
implied. I was trying to make a point that everybody interested in Linux is
not super-users and that some more tollerance from the seasoned users would
not be a bad thing.

I am also not suggesting an installfest, I have not been to one, do not know
what it is and can only think that it is something like a beerfest.  What I
am suggesting is that something to get new users or interested potential new
users more familiar with the intricacies (like the
10-seconds-single-google-search) would be much more valuable than an

Best regards

On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 4:47 PM, Jonathan Hitchcock <vhata at clug.org.za>wrote:

> Let's be honest, Dirk.  Typing "play dvd ubuntu" into google takes you
> directly to about five pages, all of which say right there on the
> front, "In order to be able to play encrypted DVDs, we need to install
> libdvdcss2".  Try it right now.
> It's unsurprising that you got that sort of reaction when you asked
> questions that really can be solved in ten seconds with a single
> google search.  Even so, I think you will generally find that people
> do tell you the answers straight away anyway.
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