[CLUG-chat] Upcoming CLUG Talk: What can CLUG do for you?

A.J. Venter aj at outkastsolutions.co.za
Fri Aug 7 10:50:17 SAST 2009

>> When somebody starts showing interest in exploring others we
>> don't encourage and advise them anymore - if you leave the Ubuntu
>> nest, you're on your own in dragon country...
> That is patently false.
Just like any generalization (Cicero hit that nail squarely on the
head) - doesn't mean the trend isn't there and I haven't seen it
happen. Certainly doesn't mean that you won't find examples in the
archives. I was making general points where we can all improve, not
>> We used to do the computer fair but I agree with the
>> poster who said it's an expensive waste of time now - but why is SULUG
>> planning for SFD while CLUG is ignoring it ?
> We're not ignoring it, the committee has been discussing what to do
> for it, and this thread is one of the outcomes of that discussion.
Okay... and you don't think perhaps involving the members in that
discussion would have been useful ? As far as I have seen (and I read
most threads even if I don't post often) - there has been no mention
of SFD on the lists until I did just now... who knows - opening it up
to suggestions may have yielded good ideas, offers to use locations or
other types of sponsorships... I don't think closed-door discussions
are in the spirit of FOSS at all, nor do they have any place
whatsoever in the management of a LUG.
Make that the number one thing GLUG can do for it's members, open all
discussions to everybody. It's good to have a committee of volunteers
taking special responsibility for implementation and we all really
appreciate the work we do - but deciding how we as a community should
handle a major event without asking that community's ideas... ouch.

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