[CLUG-chat] Upcoming CLUG Talk: What can CLUG do for you?

marc marc at welz.org.za
Thu Aug 6 19:42:04 SAST 2009


> > An example from my experience is to watch an encrypted dvd on Ubuntu. It
> > just dont work, so you have to start reading. It is quite a steep learning
> > curve. Ordinary computer users do not know about libdvdcss. For some
> > "simple" issues like this one, I have spent hours or days to sort it out. If
> > you do not understand the issue or the underlying principle, you can google
> > and get it to work eventually, but without knowing what you are doing at
> > all.? As a last resort some users post questions here, just to get a comment
> > like "here is the solution, but in the future go google it first".
> Let's be honest, Dirk.  Typing "play dvd ubuntu" into google takes you
> directly to about five pages, all of which say right there on the
> front, "In order to be able to play encrypted DVDs, we need to install
> libdvdcss2".  Try it right now.
> It's unsurprising that you got that sort of reaction when you asked
> questions that really can be solved in ten seconds with a single
> google search.  Even so, I think you will generally find that people
> do tell you the answers straight away anyway.

... I think we are seeing one of the problems in
action right here. While the argument is probably[1]
correct, the way it is stated is a bit on the
sharp side, making newer users wary of chirping in.

But controlling tone in email is always difficult, 
as email doesn't really have a tone in the narrow
sense of the word.



[1] Google is a black box, I believe search results
can vary unpredictably on the basis of search history,
IP, browser, ad word clickthroughs, phase of moon, etc.
Then there is the matter of understanding the terminology:
Content Scrambling System, Codecs, Libraries (aren't those DDLs ?)
and so forth.

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