[CLUG-chat] Upcoming CLUG Talk: What can CLUG do for you?

Stefano Rivera stefano at clug.org.za
Thu Aug 6 13:10:07 SAST 2009

Fwd from Hylton Conacher (ZR1HPC)" <hylton at conacher.co.za>

Hi Stefano,

I am not a member of the chat group but have a few comments.

I noticed almost immediately on coming to a random meeting or two, that
the CLUG seemed to be a Ubuntu/Redhat linux user group. There have been
no, to my knowledge, departures from this and hence someone like myself,
using opensuse is an 'outcast'.

A second point is that there have been several talks I have had an
interest in and yet unless I was able to attend the talk, I had no way
of downloading any speaker  notes on the topic. Further there is no
archive of previous speaker notes.

My third point is that Linux is a new technology that many people are
just starting to learn. I have been using Linux and the KDE interface
for over 2 yrs and have often wanted to tackle the cli but after reading
the man pages, couldn't figure out the correct syntax of the commands I
need ie scp between two machines. Even more basic is the description of
software repositories and which ones should be loaded on a distro to
keep its software update with new software releases? should a repo be
added for each piece of software installed if one is available ie
openoffice/firefox/thunderbird/koffice? Yes thre are resources like tldp
and Google but using those is no fun like a user group and very often
the answers, as I have found, are difficult to come by.

A fourth point is that whilst the CLUG is based at UCT, can some
meetings not be held in other locations ie CPUT, AIMS in Muizenberg,
Flase Bay College in Fish Hoek? I know this is a thorny issue but I am
almost sure the more generalist and broad/helpful your resources become,
the more the CLUG will grow.

My 2c's and may Clug have an enjoyable 10th birfday.


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