[CLUG-chat] [CLUG-announce] Upcoming CLUG Talk: What can CLUG do for you?

Riyaad Allie riyaad.allie at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 12:28:02 SAST 2009

I've attended talks on and off for about the last 2.5 years, and I've
found them all to be informative and an excellent learning experience
with only one exception.

I consider myself to no longer be a "beginner" but somewhere in the
"intermediate" range of experience. (and nowhere near the knowledge
and experience of the CLUG regulars).

I have no problem with the more technical content. In fact, that is
the reason I attend these talks: to learn and especially listen to the
insight of the more experienced members(the "hecklers"). The exception
I mentioned above was a talk that basically described a few
technologies: information that I could easily have found on the tech's
homepages, google and wikipedia.

So for me at least, CLUG is still relevant and the regulars are doing
an excellent job. Thanks.


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