[CLUG-chat] [CLUG-announce] Upcoming CLUG Talk: What can CLUG do for you?

Hamish Whittal zinkeldonk at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 07:57:23 SAST 2009

This is interesting, and after not going to a CLUG meet for many a
moon, I have diarised to be there on Tuesday. I don't think the
'talks' have lost their relevance. Perhaps they could be re-engineered
toward people with less experience which would open up the floor for
speakers too - in the land of the blind, one-eye is king - my point
being that even newer people with less experience could give talks.

That said, I think Google answers all the basic questions nowdays, but
not the more advanced stuff. For example, a colleague was tasked with
getting master-master LDAP replication going...and his response was
that there was little if anything out there on that. So, I've
challenged him to put a wiki article together and post it (now that
he's got it waxed). I think wiki's have done a lot to provide
assitance, but it's the harder, longer stuff, or the stuff where one
has to read multiple posts from different people on a topic and it's
still not clear - ubuntu packaging being a good case in point. There's
so much that needs packaging, and everything is going to be slightly
different; so that's a good case for a 'workshop' where 1 hour will
just not cut it.

In this regard, it's often difficult to sit there and take it in.
Practical beats chatting, so a longer workshop style is preferable.
We've started having these with a group of colleagues where everyone
brings their machine and we 'jam' for a bit together - sort of takes
the edge off the initial hiatus of getting into something - and hey
you'll be be surprised what you can learn from people when you think
you've got something taped - whether you're giving the jamming session
or taking part as a student.


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