[CLUG-chat] [CLUG-announce] Upcoming CLUG Talk: What can CLUG do for you?

Brent Clark brentgclarklist at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 16:38:00 SAST 2009


Got an idea / request, and for something different.

It was suggested, that the venue was too far etc, any of the advanced 
users care for a show and tell, at your work maybe onsite for a project 
your involved with.

Naturally, security would an issue. but ill leave that for you think and 
decide on how to overcome. But im sure we all adult to not touch and 
look with our eyes as well.

But it would be interesting to see whose running what, and where and 
hopefully may inspire in various way.

Ive been fortunate that to have been in the Westerford basement. Was 
pretty impressive.

My 2c

Brent Clark

P.s. If my idea is lame, I do hope it spawns lateral thinking.

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