[CLUG-chat] [CLUG-announce] Upcoming CLUG Talk: What can CLUG do for you?

Adrianna Pinska adrianna.pinska at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 16:08:14 SAST 2009

Are there any other venues at UCT that might be more suitable -- more
accessible in the evenings and easier for newbies to find?  ChemEng is
very Beware of the Leopard; it's in the bowels of UCT, and there is
absolutely no indication from the outside that you have come to the
right place once the talk is underway, or any way of contacting anyone

With the current numbers, we don't really need a large lecture
theatre.  I would guess that the current limiting factor is the data
projector (is internet access important?).

The Kramer Law building on middle campus seems to be open at the
bottom in the evenings (there's a security guard booth there).  There
are two smallish lecture theatres just inside there which can be
booked.  I can't remember whether either of them has a data projector
(I can check this weekend), but I would guess that it's possible to
book *some* room in that building which has one.

For more informal talks, a projector may not even be necessary.

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