[CLUG-chat] Upcoming CLUG Talk: What can CLUG do for you?

William Walter Kinghorn williamk at dut.ac.za
Wed Aug 5 15:31:09 SAST 2009

Hi Stefano,

I started this a little while ago

I run this every Saturday ( 11 Am to aprox 4 PM ), other than when I cant make it, like visiting my brother in CT, I am from Durban

I have a room here at work with 7 PCs, 6 are used for desktops and 1 for a server, server is always being re-installed

I invite newbies to join me, where I show them how to install the latest version of Ubuntu ( desktop and server ), as well as putting the repos onto the PC, so that they dont have to download the programs from the net

This seems to take the edge off of what they think of Linux

Then I give them the basics, like how to install via Synaptic, where an apps is and basics of how to use the app

I try to look at news web site, so that i know what is happening around the Ubuntu/Linux arena, so that when people ask about some thing, I can generally tell them, or do a quick search on the net

There is a guy who is approx 70 years old, and he is slowly changing his home and work PCs to Ubuntu, he says that coming here is relaxing for him, both in liearnig Ubuntu GNU\Linux and also meeting with the Guys and chatting.

I supply the coffee and tea, and sometimes cookies.

People come and go, sometimes I have 6 or 7 people, but mostly about 3

I don't teach anything major, but I try to find out what the persons needs/wants are and then try show them where to look for the required info

I find that a lot of the newbies have looked at Linux, but because they don't know where to look, they get despondent, and then stop.


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Fwd from Nicholas Wilby <nick at silverbullethead.com>:

Well, I signed up and would like to have gone to some of the chats, but all
the talks seem to be "high-level" and advanced stuff regarding linux which
seems useless to me, until I know the more basics, so maybe breaking into
newbie and advanced groups might be better, as I don't see the advanced guys
wanting to sit around for things that are second nature to them. Although
they could maybe be speakers? Not sure. I just find that I don't go, because
of my own lack of knowledge with Linux, and feel that all of it will just go
flying over the top of my head...

Nice to see that you are at least trying to get more people to come and


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