[CLUG-chat] Upcoming CLUG Talk: What can CLUG do for you?

Dirk Botha bothadj at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 12:53:47 SAST 2009

2009/8/5 marc <marc at welz.org.za>
> > We have a lot of members on our mailing lists, and there are a lot of Linux
> > users in Cape Town. Is there anything we can do for our members that would
> > actually be useful?
> Just to follow up on that ... we used to run installfests
> and have a stand at the computer faire - and we are not
> sure how relevant that is, modern distributions install
> without too much handholding, while the computer faire
> is very expensive to be at and doesn't seem to be that
> useful anymore.
> Other clug related stuff include the mailing lists,
> the talks, the IRC channel, park.clug.org.za. But what
> else would people be interested in, and where would
> you be prepared to help ?
> regards
> marc
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The overall problem is not that CLUG is irellivant, but that it's
requirement differs from what it once was.
As stated, any Tom, Dick and Harry can successfully install a modern
Linux distro.

This is then a requirements gathering exersize. So here follows my 2 cents.

[CLUG Tech] as a mailing list fills all the need there is in setting
up and administrating Linux servers. However, just about every
question these days is in the form of: "Does anyone have an oppinion
about xyz product?", "Can anyone explain how to resolve ABC Hardware
issue?" etc.

The fact is that we are no longer fumbling in the dark. We've all
learned and know how to use this tool, not only that, everything we've
learned has been well documented so the questions are becomming few
and far between. We are well versed and our day to day problems have
been concured.

We are now approching the realm of: "What can I do that I've never
thought of?" and "What fun can I have with Linux today?"

So, instead of having talks and install fests. Lets have "innovation fests".

The questions being asked are no longer: "How do I back up my data?"
or "How do I solve this script problem?". These questions are answered
by google.

The CLUG relivant questions are now:
"How do I automate my house using Linux?"
"How do I make a paintball sentry marker?"
"How do I build my own GPS speed and odometer?"
"I'd like to give my nieghbour an internet connection. How do I build
a CANTenna and how do I setup Linux to work with it?"

The questions are no longer around using Linux in computing, but
solutions to real world needs and wants. Using Linux as a tool.

What can CLUG do for me? Simple, go big!! Put more fun into using
Linux, by helping me do things that will make my nieghbours say:

Sorry, that was more like my R2 worth of comment. :D

Dirk J. Botha

~*~*~ Registered Linux User #379726 ~*~*~
Those who think regret is enough to make amends, can not be forgiven. -- DJB.

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