[CLUG-chat] Two ADSL Accounts ...

JP Viljoen jeanpierre.viljoen at gmail.com
Sat Nov 1 22:43:03 SAST 2008

On Sat, Nov 1, 2008 at 10:22 PM, Russell Tiedt <rtiedt at rusty.org.za> wrote:
> Yes, but the firewall box is a PII-333 with only 98M RAM, 6 Gig HDD ...
> , using Squid, would require a reasonably stiff upgrade, which I cannot
> currently afford ... , been a few bad months lately, broke into my car,
> stole R10 000.00 worth of tools and my spare tyre, the car had to have
> the CV joints redone, had to get new eye glasses, car/trailer lisences
> come due (can one move these lisences due date, to somewhere after
> March?)  etc. etc. <sigh>  Dunno what I did to upset Murphy, but such is
> life ... :-)

Not as much of an upgrade as you would think, albeit you wouldn't be
caching much in memory. A 2-4GB flash drive and a cheap USB controller
can go a long way (since I'm presuming this box doesn't have any SATA
connectors judging by the specs, albeit a SATA connector + drive will
set you back only slightly more than the aforementioned) to making a a
squid proxy work pretty effectively, just as long as you keep in mind
you'll wear it out pretty quickly compared to normal use. Hope the
rest of the stuff you mentioned there gets sorted out well though,
sounds like you're looking for a nice quiet December soon.

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