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Thu May 3 11:28:57 SAST 2007


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Hi everyone on Clug-chat<br>
I would like to choose a Web and Domain host for my client&#39;s website. I
have noted that there are a lot of companies which offer hosting in
South Africa, but can&#39;t decide which one to choose. I believe some of
you might have outsourced these services to one of these many hosting
I have the following requirements:<br>
* I want to be able to ssh and scp to and from my account. So that I can update my website.<br>
* I want telephone support. Based on the experience some of you have,
which company is giving you the best email and telephone support?<br>
* The server must have PHP and MySQL support.<br>
* The package must include hosting and registration fees for at least 1 domain.<br>
The site will be used by cars buyers to check the cars available in my
client&#39;s Auto Delear, so I will need around&nbsp; 200MB space to
accomodate all the cars photos.<br>

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