[CLUG-chat] Which phone

Stephan February clug at adeptiva.com
Mon Mar 26 04:04:24 SAST 2007

Andy Ashley wrote:
> Sure,
> I have: (not neccessarily Nokia software mind you..)
> Mail for exchange (exchange active sync)
> Adobe PDF reader
> PuTTY ssh client
> Zip file manager
> Internet Radio station player
> Hier (MSN client - but makes direct connections, not via a web proxy 
> like some of them)
> Must be other useful stuff out there but I havent really looked that 
> hard..

I'm also using the E61, and have the following added apps:
  - Google Mobile Maps
  - Python
  - Putty
  - Nokia Podcasting App
  - I dropped my provider's pushmail service in favour of simple IMAP 
which works well
  - I added a 2Gb SD disc, so storage is no longer a problem. I hated 
having to keep deleting stuff off my older phones to free up memory/space.

Same as Andy, I'm also using the SIP client with Asterisk. Although I 
really dig the browser on the E61, I recently purchased an n800 internet 
tablet for some R&D work. If you own a Sony PSP, it's about the same LCD 
size/resolution for webbrowser. The n800 works great, also has a SIP 
client and works seamlessly via 3G connection on E61 over bluetooth.


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