[CLUG-chat] Which phone

Andy Ashley lists at nexus6.co.za
Sat Mar 24 14:22:12 SAST 2007

Nope, my phone has it built in.
Havent heard of any sip/iax software that you can install afterwards Im 
 From what I can see the E70 has sip capabilities already, its almost 
identical to the E60 except yours has a camera?



Zoltan Szecsei wrote:
> Andy Ashley wrote:
>> Sure,
>> I have: (not neccessarily Nokia software mind you..)
>> Mail for exchange (exchange active sync)
>> Adobe PDF reader
>> PuTTY ssh client
>> Zip file manager
>> Internet Radio station player
>> Hier (MSN client - but makes direct connections, not via a web proxy 
>> like some of them)
>>> Try this:
>>> http://europe.nokia.com/comparephonesconsumereurope
>>> I have the E70 and that flip out keyboard is really great and solid 
>>> too.
>>> Now, all I need to do is to find the time to set up all the fancy 
>>> stuff Andy talks about......
>>> Andy: Want to list some of the Nokia software you are using/have 
>>> added to your phone?
>>> TIA,
>>> Zoltan
> Ah - putty for S60 is a good one.
> A sip or iax phone for S60? (will be setting up asterisk soon)
> Z

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