[CLUG-chat] Which phone (was: Wireless on Phone)

Stephen stephen at tredbear.com
Sat Mar 24 11:01:31 SAST 2007

This begs another question which, from a quick search, appears not to 
have been discussed since the "geek phone" discussion in 2005 (possibly 
because it's way off-topic?). And yes, I'm (over) due for an upgrade.

I'm thinking along the lines of something that's HSDPA capable (do they 
even exist yet?) so I can adequately browse the web while out of the 
office but also wireless-ly connect to my ADSL router and network while 
in the office to make use of VOIP. My reason (or objective) is that, 
instead of trying to maintain diary and contact lists on separate 
devices, I rather use a web based system (Google?) so if I need to  
check my diary or record an appointment I can just connect and do it 
immediately rather than trying to maintain this information on separate 
devises and doing the sync-dance-tear-your-hair-out thing.

What's available and does the battery life make this viable?

Any suggestions welcome.

Joel wrote:
> At Seattle Coffee Shop in Kloof St they give you a free 15min voucher 
> when you buy a cup of coffee... or at least they did 3 weeks ago! 
> Enough time to make a voip call if your phone is voip enabled. I use 
> the Nokia E61, works great!

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