[CLUG-chat] Mark invites OpenSUSE devs - interesting response

Antoine van Gelder antoine at g7.org.za
Sun Nov 26 10:32:54 SAST 2006

Colin Alston wrote:
> I agree with what you're saying, I don't agree with people treating
> the GPL like it's some kind of bible to be adhered to. Most people are
> naturally easy to sway with hyperbole, if that weren't so then media
> would be a dead market. When people start making up nonsense like "The
> GPL says we must fight Microsoft!", and worse people believe it, then
> we have a serious problem.

Very serious problem.

Suddenly we're spending our evenings arguing with lawyers instead of
fixing our bugs and refactoring our bloat.


> The whole conflict is that while people are acting in a tribal nature
> as you rightly say, they are not asking but demanding in most cases
> that "empire" businesses use open source solutions. This is why I'm
> far more comfortable staying away from mainstream distributions which
> attract this kind of negativity (And aren't even that good to start
> with).

Uhu... the urge to have your tribe be empire dies hard because we often
make the mistake of thinking that empire loyalists are benefiting more
than we and we would love it if our own tribe could be empire so that we
can benefit like that too.

We forget though that in any empire you only get the Merc SLK if you are
willing to spend all your time propping up empire so if that is what you
want it will probably be easier to just go work for whatever empire
thinks it is running the show at the moment!

> Making businesses fear publicity or share price losses for publicly
> using Microsoft solutions, as seems the case with Novel, is far worse
> than Microsoft's tactics. Some will claim they are "leveling the
> playing field", but thats really just stooping to a lower level. Samba
> team made a huge mistake with their "statement" in my opinion.

Yebo my wise friend.

War is war no matter who fights it and the end result is always time
spent burying bodies instead of hanging with friends.

If it ever gets to the point that the JackBootedThugs(tm) come and
arrest you for having an unauthorized compiler on your laptop then we
can all do a Gandhi but for now we all have the freedom to use the
source or not and the fact that there is a choice makes both sides
produce better code.

 - a

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