[CLUG-chat] Fwd: Filesystem that has the best repair tools...

Colin Alston karnaugh at karnaugh.za.net
Fri Nov 24 16:00:39 SAST 2006

Jeremy Thurgood wrote:
> The article I read is at http://blogs.sun.com/roch/entry/zfs_and_oltp -- 
> it doesn't seem to specify the database used (although I may have missed 
> that on the brief scan I just gave it) and it pretty clearly shows that 
> ZFS lags UFS by about 25%, even fully tuned.  I can't find the 
> read/write reference, but that's a fairly trivial consequence of CoW 
> unless you do some heavy indexing magic, which is beyond my area of 
> competence at the moment.

Fair enough.

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