[CLUG-chat] Mailing list software recommendations

Zayne S. Halsall kweztah at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 14:20:06 SAST 2006


Our marketing department is in need of mailing list software, with
pretty standard requirements like easy subscribe/unsubscribe, web
interface for users to change details, some rudimentary reporting,
etc.  Apparently prior to my working here they used Listserv, so have
some familiarity with what can/can't be done.  Sadly, I don't.

Having never used/installed mailing list software before, I'm a bit
torn over which direction to go in, though I've discovered the
following software online:

- Enemies of Carlotta, Python, GPL;
- ezmlm, C, None?;
- majordomo/2, Perl, ?;
- mailman, C/Python, GPL;
- phplist, PHP, GPL;
- listserv, ?, Commercial.

In my mind, first prize would be open source software preferably using
infrastructure most easily supported/extended by our own resources
(C/++, PHP), but obviously ease-of-use and a solid feature list will
take preference for the marketing folks - it being commercial software
or otherwise doesn't enter into it.

However, modifying compiled code is time-consuming, we have no inhouse
Python/Perl skills, and I'm unsure of how robust/useful phplist is...
It's all well and good to install something and test it, but user
perspectives on "user friendly" and "featureful" often do not match

Any feedback/suggestions/experiences to help me make up my wandering
mind would be greatly appreciated.


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