[CLUG-chat] Moerse unimpressed :-)

Price,Neil nprice at gibb.co.za
Tue Jun 27 13:18:10 SAST 2006

Installed Dapper (from the alternate CD) onto a Windows 2000 PC (with
space free on the partition) with distastrous effect. Everything looked
okay until the screen blanked while Dapper was installing packages.
Thinking it was the screen saver I pressed a shift key and got a wierd
black screen with white squares. Nothing happened for a long time so I
rebooted - "Operating System not found". Oops.

Windows recovery failed even after rewriting MBR's and stuff. Partition
viewers told me I had 4 overlapping netware partitions. Cool.

Open source to rescue. Testdisk is my usual partion recovery tool but it
could not find the windows partition. But a demo version of active
recovery could (but not restore it). Twiddled Testdisk using the disk
geometry parameters from Active Rec and a few other utils and presto! One
Windows partition! Boots and everything is okay. Felt like life at the 
bleeding edge for awhile.

Problem might have been that Windows 2000 and Dapper differed in their
interpretation of the disk geometry? Its a 160 GB disk and W2K only sees
132GB of it (MS has a patch for this problem - its called XP).

No complaints. No "Linux sucks!". No "I write this with a windows XP CD in
one hand" junk. I'll just be a little less gung ho next time and do a bit
of googling first. Miskien moet jy "dapper" wees om dit te probeer.

But Cave Canem (even if you don't have to buy Ubuntu)

Incidentally the naming of the Dapper CD's is causing gross confusion
amongst the people I know who want to try it. The "OEM" install on the
alternate CD also confuses.

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