[CLUG-chat] RE: TelkomInternet Webmaster Query

Erhard Eiselen eis at tad.co.za
Thu Jun 22 12:19:17 SAST 2006

Roland Giesler wrote:
> Sent: 22 June 2006 11:48
> To: 'Adele Du Toit (A)'
> Cc: info at telkom.co.za; 'OSS-Related Technology Discussions'
> Subject: [CLUG-chat] RE: TelkomInternet Webmaster Query
Well if you want to be really annoyed go to www.musica.co.za/digital

They tell you straight out that they ONLY support IE6+ and WMP7+
I emailed them and they gave me some lame excuse about the
Record Company and DRM and "standards" and who knows
what else...but I guess I will just vote with my feet if that is their

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